The revival of horseradish originated in Austria. 
One family – one idea. 
No more washing, peeling or grating – just enjoy. 



Horseradish is one of the treasures of our region that should not remain hidden from the world. A specialty that is worth rediscovering and reinterpreting in a unique way. Grated horseradish available in a jar will introduce you to a fresh, bold, unique culinary world.


Our origin is important to us. Horseradish grows where we flourish. 


In the beginning, there was soil – the basis for horseradish cultivation. Our soil is loamy and fertile – just as horseradish likes it.


To this day, the root vegetable is harvested and processed by hand. Almost nothing is left to machines here.


Our rooty's root vegetables are grown in Austria, Slovenia and Hungary ‒ in the heart of Europe. Here, we relax and enjoy life in a diverse natural environment.

Our rooty's products are top-class. Only the highest quality hand-picked roots are used to make rooty’s products. The result is a unique product made with 100% premium raw ingredients, the best horseradish roots around.


The rooty's partner farmers have often been associated with horseradish for generations and know what is needed to grow this unique vegetable to perfection. Horseradish thrives in loamy soils, which are particularly fertile due to a large ratio of weathered minerals and good storage capacity for nutrients and water. Our rooty's Horseradish enjoys extensive care during its vegetation period and careful further processing.


Harvesting horseradish roots takes around 1,000 working hours per hectare of land. The horseradish from our fields ends up in a rooty's jar thanks to all of those hardworking people at our farms. Carefully selected by hand, we guarantee that only the highest quality horseradish roots are processed. Due to our specially invented manufacturing process, rooty's Horseradish preserves its natural punch for a long time.