Bloody Mary with Rooty's-"foam"

Rooty's Horseradish Classic: It is the ideal seasoning to spice up your daily menu.

classic drinks veggi

300 ml tomato juice
6 cl vodka
2 dash Worcestershire sauce
30 ml lime or lemon juice
pinch of sea salt and freshly ground pepper
1 glass of Rooty's Horseradish Classic
and fresh basil or lemon balm leaves

Ingredients for a 500ml ISI professional whip bottle

250 ml buttermilk (vegan: coconut milk or soy milk)
100 g sour cream (vegan: coconut milk or soy milk)
pinch of sea salt
some lemon juice
1-2 El Rooty's Horseradish Classic
3 sheets of gelatine or vegan gelatine





Mix all the ingredients apart from the horseradish in a mixing glass, possibly with ice cubes, and fill into suitable old-fashioned or thermo glass glasses.

Finish off with the Rooty's foam from the ISI bottle and decorate with horseradish strings.